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r e s o u r s e s


Here I give you info on the how, where and what I used to help with my costuming.

l i n k s   will take you to the costuming section of my links page, scroll to the top of that page to see all my links.

r e s e a r c h   for my pages on costuming in general, and specifically my favourite eras:

opera singers and costumes from the late 19th C
tudor and elizabethan
Phantom of the Opera costumes
Theatrical costuming in general, including thoughts on the Titanic Dinner Dress patterns
r e c o m m e n d e d   r e a d i n g   books that I consider essential reading for costumers.  

o t h e r     s t a g e    p h a n t o m     c o s t u m e     i n d e x     c o n t a c t

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