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Finished High School, just missing out on a scholarship in Biology by a bare few marks. My subjects for the last year were English, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Drama, Calculus. I had already done Chemisty, Calculus and English a year ahead, but had to repeat them because of stupid rules.

I had taken Drama since the start of High School, as well as joining the choir two years later along with singing lessons in a group once a wek.

After school I went straight to University, and gained my Batchelor of Science in the minimum 3 years.

I took formal singing lessons from the age of 19 onwards.

Immediatly after this, I headed for my Diploma of Performing Arts, which I most certainly earned. Interestingly enough, for such a hard won piece of paper, I have no idea where it is.

Now I am focussing on teaching myself, having become very disenchanted with the biased atmosphere of an institution.

Also, I have a huge student debt which is keeping me from making up my mind what to study next.

I do love to learn, and for every project I have ever been given, be it a dry article for immunology or a vibrant display on costuming or a role in the theatre, I throw myself into finding out as much as I can on everything to do with the topic at hand.

I often go right off track because I long to know as much as I can.