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we are who we know...


I have one, but feel the need to protect them, so will name no names. Just to say we are very diverse


In real life my friends are people who I work with generally, yet I do have a few very good friends who tolerate my long bouts of solitude and unresponsiveness. To them I am eternally grateful:
Naomi and Megan, friends from school, I'd moved to Auckland at the age of 12, and while we may have had some ups and downs, we seem to still celebrate together.
Bea (Beezle, Beesus, Bea babe) yes, we went through the performing arts school together, shared some very similar experiences, but this girl is gonna go far.. if only she can get to NY.. she'll knock their socks off;)


A few pages of the folk I make semi regular contact with are listed in my contact section.