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everybody lives...

To sing all the songs of the world.

To smell all the scents of the world.

To live.

These I wish for everyone, while I would wish my own selfish hopes for the world, they are petty or too specific.

Peace and the end of violence I hope fervently for, yet this will not happen until everyone can relinquish claims for land and not be affected by the mutilation of another being, let alone a human.

Having read about the four men kidnapped in Chechnya, beaten then beheaded on the same day as a little boy beaten to death, and no one who was able to prevented it, as well as parts of a murder victim being found, his murderer already charged... I wonder if as a species we are ready for the disarmament or peace processes. We are innately violent towards others, even towards our own children, who we are supposed to protect to our own death.

And it's not new, Bodaecia sacrificed hundreds of women in a degrading and painful way, peace seeking tribes have always been obliterated by tribes with more killing power.

I yearn for people to understand these mistakes lie in the past. We do not need to recycle this garbage and there are now so few excuses, in a world where we have access to thoughts of strangers, to blindly believe that there is one way of living.

So I wish instead that people will not live in fears of the past, but listen to hope, and understand that life goes beyond each marvelous insignificant human whining about the noise of their next-door neighbours.