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what, when, where, why....

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My costuming has grown out of a love for the theatre and history.. oh and of course an aesthetic appreciation of textures and colours, read: I like pretty clothes.

But more than that, clothes are a symbol of who we are. I have too many facets to bind myself to department store clothes worn by every other woman, read: girl-child.
I have a few favourite eras, third quarter 19th C, tudor, elizabethan, regency and a definate love of pure Hollywood fantasy. Favourite costume movies include Dracula starring Gary Oldman, Age of Innocence, Legend, Ever After, all the Cleopatras, Titanic...

I have decided to group my costumes according to original design or recreation after a recent discussion at a message board which displayed to me the general differences in perception of these costuming types.

To the right you will have noticed the menu of costume groups, each section will have a thumbnail gallery of the costumes that you can view in all its glory with accompanying notes.