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what, when, where, why....

Not uploaded yet.

Unfortunately I've forgotten when most of these were finished. Most were long before I had access to a scanner, which makes them pre-1999. Perhaps when I have time I will update each page with a rough estimate of when I drew each image, or eventually I'll put each into a folder for what ever year they are from.

Most will be over the summer months of 1996-1998, as during the rest of those years I was busy at school, five years tertiary education would drive anyone to a hobby as a release.

Yes, the vast majority of figures I draw are women, I find us more interesting to draw, just as I find an animal more interesting than a machine. Curves suit my style better than straight lines.

However, I have been finding Japanese Anime art to be very interesting, and fits in with my leanings towards flat broad areas of light style that I gleamed from the likes of Rossetti, Burns, Crane and du Maurier.

However this is purely a hobby, and indeed usually a means to an end to capture an image of a costume, or a character study for a role I'm researching.

My dolls are likewise an excuse to create a costume, or expression or even to try to create something beautiful for no reason what so ever.

You have been warned, amateur scrawlings await.