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I love feedback, especially when it helps me produce better work. And I would love to hear from you.

If you wish to use any of my work for study, then refer to copyright law.
Actually, there are all sorts of sub clauses, but why not just send me a little email letting me know your intent. That way you'll get the official written permission: if I think you will not harm my work. If you are looking for research on anything in particular that I have on my site, I'm always willing to help. A little nudge towards my visitor's book and letting me know how you found my site are the greatest tolls I generally charge

If you do find any of my work interesting and wish to tell me so, or wish to share your own experiences as a singer, actress costumer, woman, human life force.. please do so by clicking my email address below.

If you have any queries about my page, or if you feel I have pushed some legal boundaries with using other people work, please also let me know, especially if it is your work, or you represent the owner of the work.

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